Data set describing snooker events in seasons 2016/2017 and 2017/2018.



A tibble with one row per event and the following columns:

  • id <int> : Event identifier in database (used in eventId column of snooker_matches).

  • season <int> : Season identifier (by the year of season start).

  • name <chr> : Event name.

  • startDate <dttm> : Start date of event.

  • endDate <dttm> : End date of event.

  • sponsor <chr> : Event sponsor name.

  • type <chr> : Event type ("Invitational", "Qualifying", or "Ranking").

  • venue <chr> : Venue name event was played.

  • city <chr> : City name event was played.

  • country <chr> : Country name event was played.


Data is taken from ( API.

This data set has information about events that have all following qualities:

  • It has "Invitational", "Qualifying", or "Ranking" type.

  • It describes traditional snooker (not 6 Red or Power Snooker) between individual players (not teams).

  • Both genders can take part (not only men or women).

  • Players of all ages can take part (not only seniors or under 21).

  • It is not "Shoot-Out" as those events are treated differently in database.

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