comperes offers a set of tools for storing and managing competition results. Competition is understood as a set of games (abstract event) in which players (abstract entity) gain some abstract scores. The most natural example is sport results, however not the only one. For example, product rating can be considered as a competition between products as "players". Here a "game" is a customer that reviews a set of products by rating them with numerical "score" (stars, points, etc.).


This package provides the following functionality:

  • Store and convert competition results:

    • In long format as a tibble with one row per game-player pair.

    • In wide format as a tibble with one row per game with fixed amount of players.

  • Summarise:

  • Compute Head-to-Head values (a summary statistic of direct confrontation between two players) with functions also using dplyr's grammar:

To learn more about comperes browse vignettes with browseVignettes(package = "comperes").

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Maintainer: Evgeni Chasnovski (ORCID)